Learn These Amazing Posing Tips to Improve Body Shape in Portrait Photography

Try These Great Posing Tips For Body Shape Improvement In Portrait Photography!

The way you pose for portrait photography plays a very important role for better results. In order to improve your body shape and hide unflattering features, you need to know the tips and tricks. In fact, the best pose is the one who looks effortless and natural.

This great tutorial shows you by pictures some posing tricks you can try on any model or person to improve body shape in portrait photography.

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Regardless of what your model looks like, posture can make or break a portrait. The best poses look natural and effortless, while at the same time creating interesting shapes that complement the composition and engage the interest of the viewer in the process.

Get it right and you’ll have a portrait to be proud of. But there’s a fine line – if the pose looks forced or corny, then the portrait is most likely ruined.

There are a few different approaches to posing. Some photographers like to be precise about every single angle, tilt, body position and limb, making fine adjustments until they feel the pose is perfect. Others prefer to leave the posing entirely up to the subject.

And others still will try to get interesting poses not by telling people what to do, but by engineering the situation so the pose they’re after happens naturally. There’s no right or wrong method; all that matters is that the pose looks authentic and visually interesting, instead of awkward or fake.


Of course, some subjects will be better at posing than others. Whether you’re shooting a professional model or not, confidence plays a big part in this. If you look and sound as if you know what you’re doing, then this’ll instil confidence in the subject and help them to relax, which in turn will lead to better expressions and poses.

In this tutorial we’ll show you a few dos and don’ts for posing portraits. It helps to break the pose down to different body parts, so we’ll look at the positions of the body, arms, legs, hair and head separately.

Knowing how to find the most attractive shape, the best angle, and also which poses to avoid will lead to happier subjects and better portraits.


How to fix awkward poses




01 Turn side-on

All bodies will look larger or smaller depending on their angle to the camera. If a person is stood straight-on to the camera, it presents the widest view of their body, so they’ll look their largest. By contrast, turn them side-on or three-quarters and they’ll immediately look slimmer.






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8 portrait posing tricks to improve body shape and hide unflattering features


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