See How Photo of Your Face Changes With the Power of Lighting

Lighting Can Transform A Photo Of Your Face Completely

Lighting is an incredibly important element for taking portraits. If you do it right, you’ll get acceptable results.

With that being said, you’ll get different results in bright light and shadow environment. But, our perception plays a role too since some photos with minimal lighting are not necessarily worse than the bright ones.

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What do you really look like? For that matter, who are you?

Melbourne-based photographer Sebastian Petrovski confronts issues of identity in his photo series, “Perception Is Reality.” Each subject in the two-year-old collection is shot twice: once outdoors, against dappled greenery, in bright light and once in the half dark, against what appears to be a concrete wall.

In some cases, the people in the well-lit photos don’t just look “better,” than their shadowy counterparts—they look like they could be different people.


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See How Lighting Can Completely Transform A Photo Of Your Face


Article Source: See How Lighting Can Completely Transform A Photo Of Your Face

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